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    Everything seems to be looking up for Dylan and Blake. They have a home, a beautiful daughter, and the support of their families. But right as it seems life couldn't get better, Dylan is called back to work on an urgent scouting mission to the Shadow Pack's sister pack: the Blood Pack, run by none other than Arulean Black's mate. Unable to let his team down, Dylan leaves his fiancé and daughter behind.

    When Blake gets word that the Blood Pack has captured Dylan, he has to make the hard decision to leave his daughter behind to go save his mate. He'll give anything and everything to find his fiancé, and he finds a valuable ally in the dragon shifter, Arulean, who also has a loved one held hostage by his errant mate. With some help from some new friends, Blake has to use all of his experience, knowledge, and skills, as well as the strength of his mateship bond, to find and rescue the love of his life, or die trying.

    Disclaimer: This is a very hot and steamy book, over 50,000 words m/m lovers, intended for 18 and older.

    ©2016 Noah Harris (P)2016 Marini Publishing

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