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    These high-impact standup performances are all about violence. On the screen, in their dreams, and in their living rooms, these insightful comedians take a licking and keep on kicking whether they're getting advice from action-film master John Woo, confronting vicious dogs, or getting firebombed by terrorists!

    "Don't Smile" by Margaret Cho
    "Dawgs" by Paul F. Tompkins
    "Vegetarian" by Julia Sweeney
    "What to Teach Your Son" by Greg Fitzsimmons
    "Firebombed" by Scott Thompson

    ADVISORY: This material may not be appropriate for minors.

    MARGARET CHO has appeared in Face/Off, Sex and the City, her own special on Comedy Central, her network series, All American Girl, and her films Margaret Cho: Assassin, CHO Revolution, Notorious C.H.O., I'm the One That I Want, and the forthcoming Bam Bam and Celeste.

    PAUL F. TOMPKINS was a writer and performer on Real Time with Bill Maher and Mr. Show. He's appeared in King of the Hill, Anchorman, Tenacious D, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Daily Show, and his own HBO special.

    JULIA SWEENEY is the writer and star of It's Pat! and God Said, "Ha!" which she also directed. She has appeared on Saturday Night Live, Pulp Fiction and Sex and the City, where she was also a creative consultant.

    GREG FITZSIMMONS has appeared on The Howard Stern Show, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Late Show with David Letterman and his own Comedy Central special. He was an Emmy-winning writer and producer of Ellen and a writer on Politically Incorrect and Lucky Louie.

    SCOTT THOMPSON is one of the Kids in the Hall, writing and starring in the TV series and the movie Brain Candy. He appeared regularly on The Larry Sanders Show and has been seen on The Simpsons, More Tales of the City, and his own Comedy Central special.

    ©2006 Un-Cabaret & Artists


    "Freewheeling, mind-bending, hilariously savage!" - Los Angeles Times"The Best Comedy Club in LA" - New Times

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