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    These soulful standup comedy performances are all about religious cults: Judy Toll's epic tale of her involvement with "The Church of Something-ology" and Taylor Negron's casual dip into a model cult.

    "The Church of Something-ology" (pt. 1) by Judy Toll
    "Model Cult" by Taylor Negron

    ADVISORY: This material may not be appropriate for minors.

    JUDY TOLL was a consultant on Sex and the City, wrote Casual Sex?, appeared on Curb Your Enthusiasm and has performed a lot of great stand-up comedy at the Un-Cabaret.

    TAYLOR NEGRON has appeared in many TV shows and films including The Aristocrats, The Fluffer, Punchline, and as the immortal pizza delivery guy in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He has had his own HBO stand-up special, and is one of the original members of the Un-Cabaret.

    ©2006 Un-Cabaret & Artists


    "A combo of psychotherapy, performance art, and stand-up comedy!" (Los Angeles Magazine)
    "A Comedy Be-in!" (Rolling Stone)

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