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    This is not just another diet book. This collection contains two incredible hits for one low price!

    This amazing collection holds absolutely nothing back! Inside this incredible two-book resource, you'll discover the most amazing way to lose weight - with virtually no effort required - ever devised!

    You'll get an expert look at not only what it takes to shed the weight, but what it takes to keep it off for a lifetime. Inside, you'll learn:

    • How to lose over 100 pounds or more without lifting a finger to workout.
    • You'll discover why the diet industry is rigged to work against you.
    • Then you'll learn how your body REALLY works and why what you eat doesn't really matter.
    • You'll pick up some shortcuts for dropping weight at will - any time anywhere.
    • You'll discover a secret diet weapon so powerful it will allow you to increase your metabolism 200, 300, even 500 percent or more
    • You'll learn to eat over 12,000 calories in one day and still lose weight!
    • You'll gain the advantage of never having to pay high gym fees or spend hours grinding away on a treadmill ever again.
    • You'll even get the authors EXACT strategy that he used to drop an incredible number of pounds while simply sitting at his desk all day!

    You'll get all this and much, much more!

    Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn the most effective diet techniques ever published.

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