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Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom

Achieve Wealth, Attain Success and Manage Your Debt
Autor: Elijah Hunter
Sprecher: Trevor Clinger
Spieldauer: 24 Min.

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There are many ways to express financial independence. Hence, it is not easy to achieve it.

Financial freedom defined

Financial freedom is also known as financial independence. It is the state describing the sufficiency of personal wealth to sustain the cost of living, without having to actively work for basic commodities. The income is greater than the expenses for financially independent people.

Assets: anything a person possesses that can be liquidated when he or she incurs debt. On the other hand, liability is the responsibility of a person to provide compensation for debt incurred.

Age and income are not the basis of financial independence. Anyone can be considered financially independent, regardless of how old or young or how much he or she earns for a living. However, the capacity to generate money enough to suffice their need, aside from their primary occupation, is what matters in the aspect of financial independence.

Different views on financial freedom

This is a powerful concept. Often, the majority receives this as a good thing. We want to achieve it and admire those who already have. Most people who are in their 20's have this mission and tag-line that states "Get a head start on freedom".

However, some people might relate financial independence to retirement, never having to work again, being free from debt, doing what they want for a living and not relying on others for money.

The tricky part is, if you are concerned about your income, are you financially independent?

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