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    CIA operative Titus Ray expects the unexpected. Just not this time. Just not this way. Just not on his honeymoon.

    An unexpected encounter in Morocco...

    Titus and Nikki begin their new life together in a church ceremony in Norman, Oklahoma, and immediately fly to Marrakesh, Morocco, for their honeymoon. Then, the unexpected happens, and Titus has an encounter with Jihadi terrorist Baran Asan.

    An unexpected discovery in Israel...

    Cutting their honeymoon short, Titus and Nikki head over to Israel to search for their foster child's grandmother, but then, an unexpected discovery leads to a second sighting of Baran Asan and reveals disturbing news about a planned assassination in Iraq.

    An unexpected assassination in Iraq...

    With time running out, the agency sends Titus to Baghdad to prevent the assassination of the Iraqi prime minister. But is he really the assassin's target? Could it be someone else?

    The sixth book in the Titus Ray Thriller series, Two Steps Forward is a spellbinding adventure of the unexpected, where Titus learns to rely on his fledgling faith, confront his past failures, and embrace a new life with Nikki Saxon Ray.

    Buy this international, fast-paced thriller TODAY!

    ©2019 Luana Ehrlich (P)2019 Luana Ehrlich

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