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    Twisted Steel deals grievous wounds in this calamitous collection of weird fantasy and cosmic horror. These stories ooze and bubble with grim tales of wizards, witches, ghouls, vampires, necromancers, and pre-socratic philosophers!

    Feel your entrails twist as poetic justice walks hand-in-hand with her secret lover, ironic revenge. From the Mississippi river to the river styx, from gothic realms of fantasy to the world we think we know, these tales of weirdness and woe will chew up your heart and spit the pieces back into your face!

    1. Heraclitus Meets the River Styx
    2. Six Bricks
    3. Dzubandra
    4. Towata
    5. Keziah Mason’s Song
    6. Majo No Haiku (Haiku of the Witch)
    7. Deadbeat Dad
    8. Norseferatu - A Poem
    9. The Ugly Duckling Retold
    10. Keeping the Blues Away
    11. Vrykolakas - or - The Nameless Conflux
    ©2020 Aaron Hollingsworth (P)2020 Aaron Hollingsworth

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