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    From young ladies experiencing something new, to cougars and MILFs learning they still have sexy excitement in store for themselves, this collection is filled with high-heat explicit erotica.

    1. "The Cougar's Birthday Gangbang Surprise" by Alice Drake 2. "Debbie the MILF: An Anal Sex Fantasy" by Allysin Range 3. "Sex on the Beach in Aruba" by Andi Allyn 4. "Tied to the Chair: A Very Rough Bondage Sex Short" by Casey Strackner 5. "Miniskirt Mayhem: A Sex in Public Reluctant Gangbang Erotica Story" by Jessica Crocker 6. "Dominating Angelique" by Alice Drake 7. "Are You Sure This Is Warming Up? A Tale of Barely Legal Double Penetration" by Amy Dupont 8. "Dress Me Up! A Bondage Roleplay Erotica Story" by Andi Allyn 9. "Alice Faraday's Replacement: An FFM Threesome Story with First Anal Sex" by Angela Ward 10. "Come On Boys, You're Not Just Gonna Watch Are You?: A Rough Sex Wife Swap Erotica Story" by Carolyne Cox 11. "Threesome in the RV: An FFM Ménage a Trois Erotica Story" by Amy Dupont 12. "Jenny's Advanced Lesson: A Voyeuristic Oral Sex Erotic Story" by Connie Hastings 13. "Lydia, Michael, and Me: An FFM Threesome Erotica Story" by Patti Drew 14. "Anime Schoolgirl: A Lesbian Bondage Erotica Story" by Samantha Sampson 15. "Waking Up with My Best Friend's Husband in the Bed" by Sandra Strike 16. "Manda in the Hot Tub" by Andi Allyn 17. "My Boss Wants to Bend Me Over! A First Anal Sex Erotica Story" by Connie Hastings 18. "Callie on Display: A Rough and Reluctant Public Gangbang Erotica Story" by Regina Ransom 19. "Gangbanged at the Convention: A Rough Group Sex with Strangers Erotica Story" by Samantha Sampson 20. "Annie Cashes In on a Favor" by Sarah Blitz.

    ©2014 Red Hot Explicit Erotica Press (P)2015 Lyrical Lip Service, LLC.

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