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    “I - I can’t be gay. I don’t know how.” 

    Ace Payne grew up repressed. It’s no secret to him. His parents don’t like people who are "different" - and being gay certainly doesn’t fit their narrow view of the world. He holds himself back from finding love as a response to their toxic voices ringing in his ears, but when he’s outed to the Denver PD, his life in the closet quickly turns unbearable. The solution? A work transfer.

    “We can have each other for the night, or the week, or the month - but long term? No. I don’t do relationships.”

    Detective Ryder Mueller has always been open about his love for other men. A consummate jokester and free spirit, this "playboy" is all about making others happy. But when he’s assigned to show Ace the ropes, he quickly finds himself torn between falling love...or guarding his heart.

    They build them big in the small town of Harlan, Colorado - where the winters are beautiful and the mountain men are gorgeous. Listen along as we join them in Harlan, where the pain of the past drips away as these sexy, rugged mountain men find their true loves and embrace a lifestyle of happily ever afters. This audiobook and every other audio book in the For You series can be listened to in any order.

    ©2019 Special Fiction Books (P)2019 Special Fiction Books

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