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Trump Is an Animal!

An Illustrated Guide and Coloring Book to the Way That Trump Fights Like Different Types of Animals
Sprecher: Michael Dale Cato
Spieldauer: 43 Min.
Kategorien: English - Comedy, Satire

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Trump Is an Animal! is the third in a series of illustrated books that include Trump Is Extinct...or May Be Soon! and Trump Is Nuts!

While Trump may be nuts and going extinct soon, he also may fight like one of the many animals featured in this book, as well as thousands of other animals. The reason for all the fighting, especially among the males, is for power, territory, and females. And like these animals, Trump is constantly fighting one foe or another.

In a spirit of wild and wacky humor, Trump Is an Animal! features Trump as a variety of animals fighting other animals for power, territory, or females. It also includes insightful commentary on how these battles point to what is happening in the presidential election.

When you purchase this title, a collection of ready-to-color illustrations will be available in your Library section along with the audio.

©2016 Gini Graham Scott (P)2016 Gini Graham Scott

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