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Trade War: Necrospace, Book 3

Sprecher: Jeffrey Kafer
Serie: Necrospace, Titel 3
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 37 Min.

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Business is war, and business is booming. Economic competition has escalated into a full-scale galactic conflict, and the salvage marines are pulling hard duty at the center of the catastrophe. All around them, vast armies of conscripts, convicts, and contractors are fighting their way across hostile alien worlds and through the cold void of space at the will of their corporate masters. Whether the marines are boldly piloting their scrap wagons through the debris fields of defeated battle fleets one step ahead of deadly slave traders, speeding in makeshift boats across a backwater planet towards a bloody conflict with the creatures that lurk just beneath the surface, or storming the trenches of a tomb world defended by pitiless mercenaries, everything is a race against other violent factions looking to cash in. Samuel Hyst is surviving the war one day at a time, though while he is away at war, his family must contend with new enemies and dangers of their own, and to reach them he will join a revolution.

©2016 Sean-Michael Argo (P)2017 Sean-Michael Argo

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