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    The doctor can heal me, but can he keep me safe?

    My brother has been embezzling from his employers. Unfortunately, when I accidentally discover that information, I end up hurled straight into the Potomac. If it weren’t for Dr. Derek Carlisle, I’d be fish food.

    When he offers more than medical help, I bolt. It’s not his job to protect me, even if the older man is everything I’ve ever wanted.

    The young man needs a protector.

    From the moment I see him, I know Seb is more than a patient. I’ve never been tempted to cross the patient/doctor line before. For him? I’ll do it in a heartbeat.

    His brother wants to hurt him, and he needs someone to keep him safe. Me. Except, I can’t keep my hands off of him. Is a man as inexperienced as Seb ready for something more than a few nights of fun? I need to find out before keeping him safe breaks my heart.

    Touch and Go features heroes with an age gap, danger lurking all around, and a healthy dose of hurt/comfort. The brothers of Vanguard Towers are at the front lines of love, and Derek is only the first to fall.

    ©2020 Special Fiction Books (P)2020 Special Fiction Books

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