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To Steal a Kiss

Girls Who Dare, Book 2
Autor: Emma V. Leech
Sprecher: Philip Battley
Serie: Girls Who Dare, Titel 2
Spieldauer: 8 Std. und 28 Min.

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Inside every wallflower is the beating heart of a lioness, a passionate individual willing to risk all for their dream, if only they can find the courage to begin. When these overlooked girls make a pact to change their lives, anything can happen. 

Ten girls. Ten dares in a hat. Who will dare to risk it all? The desire to take a chance and snatch at happiness.

To steal a kiss.

Being dared to kiss a man in the moonlight is all well and good, but men and moonlight do not fall from the skies at will. Until they do.

Under instruction from a friend, drab Alice Dowding lingers alone on a moonlit balcony. Not the most sensible course of action for a usually sensible girl. Yet, being sensible has gained Alice a seat among the wallflowers, and her only likely chance of marriage to a man she finds nigh on repulsive. Something must be done.

A guilty conscience and a bad man.

When Nathaniel Hunt’s sister begs him for a favor, he can hardly refuse. Nathaniel, part owner of one of the most scandalous gambling dens in London, is responsible for Matilda’s tattered reputation, and she knows he is no position to deny her anything. When she begs him to kiss her mousy friend on a moonlit night, however, a chain of events is set in motion that none of them could have predicted. 

When a little favor ignites an inferno.

Ignited by one soul-stealing kiss, mousy, sensible, dull Alice is setting off sparks wherever her feet touch the ground, and all Nathaniel can do is pray he doesn’t get burned.

Warning: This book contains a careful selection of quiet determination, resolute tight-lippedness, and (almost) insurmountable levels of tension. Although coupled with the presence of occasionally descriptive sexual encounters, we are very pleased to highlight that this book - and series - is in no way verging on erotica.

©2019 Emma V. Leech (P)2019 Emma V. Leech

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