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Titans of Kerkenes

Star Legions: The Terran Wars, Book 2
Sprecher: J. Scott Bennett
Serie: Star Legions: Terran Wars, Titel 2
Spieldauer: 8 Std. und 45 Min.

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King Agesilaus and his Terran Legions have won their first victory against the Median Empire. Despite sustaining heavy casualties, they established a vital foothold in enemy territory. Yet the Empire is far from defeated, and they begin to ready their forces for a counterattack. In a display of overwhelming power, they throw fleets of ships and armies of levies and mercenaries against the Terrans. The outcome is uncertain, until Agesilaus and his generals uncover a stunning secret: a relic of the past, a weapon that could annihilate an entire fleet in hours. If true, the discovery could inspire others to rally behind Agesilaus and bring him victory against the Empire. 

As enemy fleets converge, Agesilaus gives battle while sending an elite force to the unexplored Kerkernes System to locate the relic. Princess Kyniska and General Xenophon lead the operation to find the weapon before the enemy can use it against them: a weapon that some believe might be holiest of them all, a mighty Titan.

Titans of Kerkenes is the second book in the Star Legions: The Terran Wars series by Michael G. Thomas, the best-selling author of the Star Crusades series. This is the stand-alone sequel series to the best-selling Ten Thousand series (available as a seven-book box set).

©2018 Michael G. Thomas (P)2018 Swordworks

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