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    The journey has led to this moment. With the help of those closest to him, Timothy must face the Dark Entity or else lose everything.

    Timothy’s journey into the magical and enchanting world of Mielikuvitus has taken a dark and dangerous turn. Having rescued his younger sister from the labyrinth beneath the Torn Mountains, Timothy emerges to find Mielikuvitus under siege. The Dark Entity holds the world under its dark banner as it amasses an army to destroy everything.

    As Timothy inches closer to a battle that could cost him his life, the stakes have never been higher. Should he fail, Mielikuvitus swill fall, and the Dark Entity would seek to expand its evil reach to the world beyond the mirror, our world!

    When the world is at its darkest, even the slightest glimmer of light is a hope of survival. Timothy is that light, he only needs to believe it.

    Join timothy and his companions as their epic journey draws to a conclusion. Where a young boy entered an unknown world we now see an unsure hero daring to resist and stand tall against a formidable foe. Can Timothy unite a kingdom and fight back the darkness, or will the truth of it all destroy the foundations he has worked so hard to build.

    Filled with darkness, danger, and emotional revelations. Timothy Scott: Dark Entity is the third in the epic series that will leave you gasping for air. If you’ve enjoyed the Behind The Mirror Series this far and revel in the magic of Harry Potter, drama and action of Percy Jackson, and enchantment of Narnia, the final leg of your journey awaits.

    Complete your adventure today. Hit the Buy button, and discover how this journey ends.

    ©2021 Tobey Alexander (P)2021 Tobey Alexander

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