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    Explore the rich and complex history of the world's largest democracy, its people and dynasties through visual timelines.

    Learn about the history of India through a treasure trove of vibrant timelines packed with information on famous people and key events.

    Take a journey of the history of the Indian subcontinent from prehistory to the colonial period and the modern era through more than 80 brilliant timelines. Timelines from Indian History navigates the history of India, through the formation of kingdoms, the establishment of empires, the struggle for Independence and the emergence of a vibrant democracy and republic. Through this journey, the listener will meet the personalities who shaped India's history, culture and society. They will learn of the events that shaped the country as we know it today, from the formation of the Mahajanapadas, the first great empire, and the Revolt of 1857, to the first elections and the scientific discoveries that put India on the international map. It will also document the histories of those who have traditionally been excluded from the mainstream narrative.

    Packed with stories, profiles and facts, Timelines from Indian History is a treat and promises to be an ideal addition to any history enthusiast and student's library.

    Dr. Anurima Chanda is currently working as an assistant professor in the English department of Birsa Munda College, North Bengal University. Before this, she was associated with the Centre for Writing and Communication, Ashoka University, where among other things she extensively worked with English Second Language (ESL) students and students with learning disabilities, trying to devise teaching modules according to individual needs. She has completed her PhD on Indian English children's literature from JNU. She was a pre-doctoral fellow at the University of Wuerzburg under the DAAD programme "A New Passage to India" working under Prof. Isabel Karremann. She is also a literary translator and children's author.

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