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Time Management

End Procrastination and Become Productive
Autor: Justin Albert
Sprecher: Wendell Wadsworth
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 8 Min.

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The techniques of time management can alter the way you live your life.

With time management techniques, you can truly maximize the way you live every minute of your work, school, or personal life. This book asks you the question: do you find your life slipping away from you? Do you find that you haven't met your true success or life satisfaction, despite your continuation in the same mundane job and life? You were probably taught to fuel yourself directly into a job you don't like for résumé purposes. And now, you find your day slipping away from you; you find each minute at your computer sliding away like it never happened. You aren't maximizing your potential, and whatever time you waste at work due to lack of inspiration or procrastination has to be made up at home, thus robbing you of a personal life.

Stop the procrastination cycle in its tracks.

Procrastination has many causes. You find yourself with a massive task before you; you feel the deadline creeping toward you. And yet: you can do anything but that task. You find yourself scrambling at the end to deliver a sloppy product: a product you cannot be proud of. Eliminate your procrastination cycle. Stop the scrambling, and begin to manage your time wisely. Everything you create pushes you forward to greater success, and no one achieved anything with abounding procrastination.

Maximize your life and achieve success with proven techniques

This book contains a plethora of different proven techniques that can jumpstart you on your path to greater time management skills. Look to the seven steps to achieve work and life balance; the one-week plan to achieve time management at work; and the PERT method to eliminate procrastination. Start living today.

©2016 Justin Albert (P)2016 JB Publishing Co

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