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Three Holmesian Meditations

The Redacted Sherlock Holmes
Sprecher: Steve White
Spieldauer: 36 Min.

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Three Holmesian Meditations: Mr Devine’s Original Problem, A Four Pipe Contemplation, and Some Epiphanic Reasoning

Holmes receives his most illustrious client yet as he is consulted by Mr Devine on an unusual matter.

Mr Devine has apprehended two malefactors in a well-watered garden in the Middle East and is unsure what is an appropriate form of retribution to impose. 

Holmes, Watson, and Mr Devine discuss the problem at length before arriving at a solution which satisfies all of them. 

Orlando Pearson himself then pens an essay setting out a radical theory about Sherlock Holmes and this theory is given further substance in an extraordinary fragment of Dr Watson’s writing found in the Public Record Office long after Watson’s death.

©2018 Orlando Pearson (P)2019 MX Publishing

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