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    After 13 years of entrepreneurship, I have heard every piece of business advice you can imagine. I've experimented more than most and implemented most of what I've heard. A few years ago, after much failure, I began to realize the problem with most tried and true business advice. More often than not, it's given by people who are either grossly under-qualified or people who stand to benefit financially from the advice. As a result, all it does is distract you from the real answer.

    Perhaps you have found that following a lot of common advice hasn't resulted in success for you. If so, then This Is the Answer is the book to get you back on track.

    The book dispels the most common business cliches with the aim of getting you away from the noise of external advice and closer to a place where real progress can happen.

    ©2019 Dan Norris (P)2019 Dan Norris

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