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    What do you do when your Da backs you into a corner about getting a boyfriend? You lie. 

    My Da wants to marry all his boys off, and he wants those grandbabies! But I'm almost debilitatingly shy around omegas - aside from my brother's boyfriends - to the point of really just not even wanting to try. Why be that uncomfortable, right? The problem is, I crave hugs and cuddling. I know it's probably not normal, especially given how shy I am, but I need them. So, I hire a cuddling service...and meet the omega of my dreams. Too bad I'll never have the guts to take our relationship beyond the professional. That doesn't stop me from straight up lying to my Da and throwing Hinton's name out there as the name of my boyfriend when Da starts laying the guilt trip on me. Now what? 

    When Boyd's Da - who might just be one of my favorite people with all his weird ways - calls me Boyd's boyfriend, and I see the panicked look on Boyd's face, I have to help, right? Especially since being his boyfriend is absolutely no hardship for me, and is, in fact, something I've truly wished for more than once since I started cuddling the man. I know it's all pretend. I DO! But who passes up the opportunity to pretend to be in a relationship with the man of their dreams? Not this guy. 

    This Is Why I'm Hot is book two in the Salacious Summer Singe novella series, which is a continuation of the Sprung Like Spring series. These books can be listened to as stand-alones, but getting to know the overlapping characters will make it worth listening in order. There will be fluff, humor, a bit of farce, and probably some pining, so sit back, relax, and take a break from the horrors of reality!

    ©2020 J. D. Light (P)2021 J. D. Light

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