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    Imagine how different your life would be if you could effortlessly think like a spy to get the most out of every situation.

    James Daugherty is an intelligence expert & former CIA spy who specializes in all forms of human behavior.

    Thinking: Like a Spy is designed to help you with every element of human interaction. It is a combination of the following three books stacked one on top of the other.

    Persuasion: An Ex-SPY's Guide to Master the Art of Mind Control Through Powerful Persuasion Techniques & Conversational Tactics for Ultimate Influence in Any Situation

    • What Aristotle can teach you about persuasion
    • Spy tactics for high-pressure/stakes situations
    • Conversational strategies & personality traits to win over even the toughest adversary
    • Dealing with insults/arguments like a Professional

    Negotiation: An Ex-SPY's Guide to Master the Psychological Tricks & Talking Tools to Become an Expert Negotiator in Any Situation

    • Identify the three negotiator personality profiles (and which one you are)
    • Build the verbal and nonverbal rapport critical for productive talks
    • The clever psychological buyer/seller negotiation tricks (for the car, house, & yourself)
    • What an arms dealer can teach you about an auction-style negotiation
    • Use the "I agree" principle for handling objections

    Body Language: An Ex-SPY's Guide to Master the Art of Nonverbal Communication to Know What People Are Really Thinking in Any Situation

    • Understand the biochemistry behind body language
    • Implement reading strategies and behavioral tactics for the real world
    • Know what crossing and pointing of the arms/hands are really telling you
    • Facial features that hold most weight (hint: eyes & mouth)
    • Deception detectors in general

    ©2017 James Daugherty (P)2017 James Daugherty

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