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Think out of the Box

Generate Ideas on Demand, Improve Problem Solving, Make Better Decisions, and Start Thinking Your Way to the Top
Autor: Som Bathla
Sprecher: Robert McCoy
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 1 Min.

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Think differently, be more creative, catch ideas in the air to solve problems quickly and skyrocket your productivity

People only see what is just visible. Thinking out of the box will empower you see the alternatives that others simply miss out on. 

Learn how to think out of the box, be known as “idea person”, and solve problems smarter, faster, and better.

  • Learn how few people and organizations unleashed their creative potential and skyrocketed their growth, while others perished staying with their limited thinking.
  • See what neuroscience concludes about your "logical" sequential left brain, and "imaginative" exponential right brain and how to use them to your maximum advantage.

Design a highly conducive (inner and outer) environment, challenge your mind and install rituals that trigger creativity with effortless ease:

  • Understand how setting a specific challenge prompts your mind to look for best ideas
  • Learn why openness to experiences enhances your creativity significantly 
  • Learn how to become creative just by strengthening your belief even if think you are far from being creative 
  • Find well-curated routines that will directly pump up dopamine, BDNF, and other chemicals in your brain to produce innovative solutions to your problems 

Effective techniques to become an idea machine:

  • Find how consulting non-subject experts offers more ideas than otherwise 
  • Why chilling out is the best option to inviting ideas, instead of forcing them 
  • Find how a different type of multi-tasking helps you incubate more ideas 
  • Learn specific questioning techniques that activate your brain to create a storm of ideas in no time 
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