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    Meet the Louisville Slothers, a middle school softball team with typical kids wanting to fit in, adjusting to life as preteens, trying to figure themselves out and get along with others. This inspirational series addresses health-related issues like obesity, asthma, allergies, and ADHD to social issues like bullying. 

    Most of the kids on the team don’t want to play. They need help. Who’s stepping in? None other than Coach Gracie, a 12-inch long by five-inch wide Pug. That’s right! There’s a lot we can learn from man’s best friend (a dog) and man’s ultimate best friend (Jesus). Dogs love us like Christ. All they know is love. The world sees the outward. 

    This series inspires listeners to see themselves and others as Christ does, learn to love like he loves, and witness the power of God’s word when we speak life! Coach Gracie will encourage and teach about teamwork and unconditional love. They may start out losing, but when they begin to focus on Christ and allow his strength to carry them that’s when they start winning! There is victory in Jesus through Dog and God, Man’s Best Friend and Man’s Ultimate Best Friend.

    ©2020 Sherry Collier Larkin (P)2020 Sherry Collier Larkin

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