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    • Book Five

    Lawson Reed - The Gunners’ SEAL team trainer and best friend to Derrick Rebel.

    • Book Six

    Fiona Petit - A strong young woman whose life has been taken from her, and the one woman Theo Drake could not save.

    • Book Seven

    Theo’s Retaliation - Theo’s mind has been clouded from the  moment he failed to keep his promise to set Fiona Petit free. His job of infiltrating a crime ring and becoming one of them has turned Theo’s once-happy demeanor dark. Now he has one purpose, and one purpose find Fiona. If she’s still alive.

    Rebel builds the Gunners with new team members and gains intel on another organization whose crimes resemble those committed by geNetics. This time, it’s almost right outside his own back door. The Gunner team will go into battle against a familiar force that leaves none of them unscathed.

    Will it lead Rebel to help Theo find Fiona, or will it dig Theo’s grave deeper? Will Rebel die trying to save them all, or will he lose Fallon in the process?

    Will Theo get his retaliation?

    ©2019 Kelly Moore (P)2020 Kelly Moore

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