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    The Younger Sister, by Catherine Anne Hubback and Jane Austen. Presented by The Online Stage.    

    In Jane Austen's unfinished novel, young Emma Watson returns to her father's house after being raised by her wealthy and refined uncle.  

    As she gets to know her family, she finds that her father is reclusive and sickly, her sisters are crude and shallow, and her eldest brother has a petulance that is matched only by his wife's.  

    When Emma's social graces draw the attention of the aristocratic Osborne family, she must navigate the complex and judgmental world of class dynamics in Regency England.    

    Austen began work on The Watsons in 1803 but abandoned it in 1805 after the death of her father.  

    This audiobook is a completion of the novel, written by Austen's niece, Catherine Hubback, in 1850.     

    Narrator: Anna Grace  

    Emma Watson: Grace Keller Scotch  

    Elizabeth Watson/Miss Morgan/Miss Hall: Elizabeth Klett  

    Mary Edwards/Margaret Watson/young lady: Leanne Yau  

    Mrs. Edwards/Mrs. Turner/Gipsy/Lady Gordon's maid: Linda Barrans  

    Tom Musgrove/Captain Tomlins: Mark Crowle-Groves  

    Mr. Edwards/man in the farmyard/Mr. Morgan: David Prickett  

    Miss Osbourne/Miss Jenkins/Mrs. Harding Russell: Jennie VanderLugt  

    Mrs. Willis/Jane Watson/Mrs. Browning: Elizabeth Chambers  

    Charles Willis/Sir William/Sam Watson: Andy Harrington  

    Lord Osbourne/Alfred Freemantle: David Shears  

    Jenny/Lady Osbourne/Miss Bridge: Sarah Mitchell  

    Mr. Watson/Mr. Bridge: Noel Badrian  

    Robert Watson/Mr. Corbet: Jeff Moon  

    Mr. Howard/George Millar: Tom Saer  

    Miss Carr/Penelope Watson/Janetta Watson/Annie Millar: Libby Stephenson    

    Audio edited by Libby Stephenson and Denis Daly

    Public Domain (P)2020 The Online Stage

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