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    Wilbur and Orville Wright have gone down in history as pioneers of flight and the inventors of the first airplane. This is the story of how their mechanical interest in printing presses and bicycles led them towards finding solutions to the conundrum of flight. Find out how their methodological research and innovative ideas set them apart from other inventors, and learn about the newspaper editors and scientists’ reactions to the Wright brothers’ achievement - the slow transformation of skepticism and disbelief to amazement.  

    You will learn about:

    • The house at 7 Hawthorne Street  
    • Flying on two wheels  
    • The dream of flight  
    • Three gliders and a windy hill  
    • The first flight  
    • Convincing the skeptics  
    • The dawn of a new era 
    • And much more 

    This is not only the story of the success of two determined brothers from Dayton, but it is the story of a new chapter of history.

    ©2017 Hourly History (P)2018 Hourly History

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