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    Absquatulate. Flumadiddle. Gongoozler. Squintifego. If you love words, you know the strange byways of memory or reverie that stumbling across a certain word or phrase will take you down, especially if it's one you're discovering and finding the meaning of for the first time. Chances are, you have never encountered words as unusual as those collected in this audiobook.

    You'll find definitions and parts of speech for each entry. And for each word, the author has also included a quotation to show how the word can be used in context. His hope is that this book will spark interest in these ostrobogulous words and that you will use them in your daily conversations - perhaps as a humorous social-science experiment to see what kinds of reactions you receive. Amaze your friends with your selcouth vocabulary and indulge your inner logophile! This is the perfect book to dip and delve into anytime.

    PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your My Library section along with the audio.

    ©2013 Michael Gates (P)2013 Michael Gates


    "This is fabulous fun with unique words that you do not encounter on a regular basis…. I listened to the audiobook narrated by Jack Chekjian, who was terrific. It is quite a challenging reading a list of words and definitions, while keeping it interesting. He has nice tone that keeps you engaged throughout…. I really enjoyed this and might pick up the print version of this just to highlight a few of my favorite words. I can also imagine using this as my own word a day challenge." (Eargasms Audiobook Reviews)

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