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    The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

    Presented by The Online Stage

    Walter Hartright, a struggling art teacher, is stopped for directions while traveling on a dark road by a mysterious woman in white. Thus begins Walter's deep dive into the twists and turns of stolen identities, fraud, spies, conspiracy and death. Along the way, he meets the lovely Laura Fairlie and her emboldened half-sister, Marian Halcombe. Marian is brazen and assertive in her search for the truth, a strong female during a time when women were simply viewed as the weaker sex. She joins Walter on his journey to untangle the web of lies and deceit that has been spun so expertly around his new found friends. 

    The Woman in White is often touted as being the first Victorian crime novel.    


    Narrator: Maureen Boutilier

    Walter Hartright: Jeff Moon

    Marian Halcombe: Amanda Friday

    Count Fosco: Rob Goll  

    Mr. Fairlie: David Stifel  

    Laura Fairlie: Anna Grace  

    Percival Glyde: Ben Lindsey-Clark  

    Pesca: Russell Gold  

    Anne Catherick: Arielle Lipshaw  

    Mr. Gilmore: Ron Altman  

    Mr. Merriman: Alan Weyman  

    Mrs. Michelson: Elizabeth Klett  

    Countess Fosco: Trisha Rose  

    Maid: Leanne Yau  

    Mr. Dempster: Andy Harringon  

    Mrs. Clements: Sarah Mitchell  

    Mr. Dawson: Denis Daly Hester Pinhorn: P J Morgan  

    Goodricke: Craig Franklin  

    Mr. Kyrle: Ben Stevens Mrs. Catherick: Sara Morsey 

    Audio edited by Amanda Friday

    Public Domain (P)2019 The Online Stage

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