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    If you like quirky characters, lots of twists and turns in your mysteries, and a whole lot of fun, then the Witch Squad is for you!

    Included in this collection:

    Witch Pie

    It’s Thanksgiving break at the Paranormal Institute for Witches.

    With a week off of school, the girls of the Witch Squad think they’re finally going to be able to enjoy a little needed downtime.

    But as they start making plans for their big holiday dinner party, they discover that Alba has yet to contact Tony, her husband from back home. After finally convincing her to call him, what she discovers sends the girls into a state of shock.

    Will their Thanksgiving be as magical as they’d all hoped it to be? Or, will the tragedy that has befallen one of their loved ones ruin Thanksgiving forever?

    This novella is book four in the Witch Squad Cozy Mystery series. It does move the plotline between the characters along and the mystery is a complete story, but it is shorter than previous novels.

    A Very Mercy Christmas

    Excited to go home for the holidays and be reunited with their families, Mercy, Jax, Holly, Sweets, and Alba say their good-byes. However, when an unpredicted snowstorm ravages Aspen Falls, the girls must scramble to figure out their next move. Tempers flare as blame is placed, and feelings are hurt. By the looks of it, Christmas will surely be ruined.

    But when a surprise visitor arrives, the girls are forced to find out what friendship really means and decide whether or not it’s worth saving. Visited by some blasts from the past, the girls are given glimpses into each other’s pasts and find out what life would have been like if they’d never met and formed the Witch Squad on the first day of classes.

    A Very Mercy Christmas is the fifth book in the Witch Squad Cozy Mystery series. There is no mystery to solve; instead, sit back and enjoy a Christmas story about what went down over the Witch Squad’s first winter break and get a glimpse into the lives of each of the girls before they met. 

    Where Witches Lie

    Holiday break is over, and the girls are finally back at the Paranormal Institute for Witches. The campus is now blanketed with a thick layer of snow, thanks to the Christmas Eve storm that covered the tiny town of Aspen Falls, Pennsylvania.

    Unfortunately, the first day back isn’t starting off so well. First, a new girl picks a fight with Alba in the cafeteria. Then, she sets her sights on Houston Brooks. But when one of the girls’ beloved school employees is found dead, things really take a turn for the worse.

    When the dearly departed’s ghost fingers the murderer, it seems like it’s an open-and-shut case. But is it, really? Mercy’s not so sure. Convincing Alba and the rest of the girls to help her figure out the truth may not only land them in hot water with Sorceress Stone once again, but it may also put their lives in danger.

    Rejoin your old friends, Mercy, Jax, Sweets, Holly, and Alba for a wild ride that ends with a wedding and a surprise guest!

    This is book six in the Witch Squad Cozy Mystery Series, a clean cozy mystery series.

    Individual books are also as audiobooks! Each audiobook in the series is a stand-alone mystery and can be listened to without listening to the entire series, but the relationships between the characters are a continuation from book to book. Enjoy clean fun for all ages. No sex, gore, or foul language.

    ©2020 M.Z. Andrews (P)2020 M.Z. Andrews

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