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The Wish That Came True

Autor: James Adler
Sprecher: James Adler
Spieldauer: 3 Min.

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Once upon a time in a small village there lived a little boy, Jack. He was a young boy with great gifts, and he was an obedient boy at home and wherever he went. 

Jack’s father owned a shop, and his mother was a teacher in a nearby elementary school. Jack’s usual free time included a lot of cartoon watching. He was devoted to watching cartoons all evening once he came back from school. He sometimes portrayed himself as one of the cartoon characters and went crazy about it. Like every other kid, he enjoyed watching cartoons. The village fairs usually had people dress up as cartoon characters, and Jack loved seeing them and wished for all of them to come to reality.

©2018 James Adler (P)2018 James Adler

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