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    He knows many things, for he walks by night! He knows the nameless terrors of which we dare not speak! He's radio's grim conscience: The Whistler! And he's back with another collection of tense, twisting tales featuring some of Hollywood's finest radio talent.

    Though Bill Forman is the actor best remembered as the series' ruinous raconteur, there were others who shared the role. Their voices are heard in these strange stories, including Gale Gordon, Joseph Kearns, Marvin Miller, and Bill Johnstone.

    Episodes include: Retribution 05-16-42; The Shrunken Head 06-13-42; The Other Woman 11-22-42; The Confession 01-31-43; Shadow of a Mind 06-05-43; An Eye for an Eye 07-09-43; Murder Is Legal 02-05-45; The Dead Man Laughed 02-19-45; The Beloved Fraud 10-30-44; Death and the Emperor 09-17-47; Sleep My Pretty One 04-17-49; The Intruder 10-29-50; Murder Is Blind 06-04-45; Blueprint for Suicide 06-18-45; The Deadly Innocent 07-02-45; A Pattern for Terror 07-16-45; Let George Do It 07-23-45; Death Wears a White Robe 10-01-45; Concerto of Death 06-16-48; A Question of Murder 08-18-48.

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