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    Who among us doesn't dream of a new life, a fresh start? But what happens when dreaming turns to scheming? The Whistler walks by night, stalking those who no longer walk the straight and narrow - the men and women, their backs against the wall, who step into the shadows and take matters (and the lives of those who stand in their way) into their own hands. What follows from one ill-timed impulse is the suspenseful subject of the 20 digitally restored and remastered episodes in this collection. Boy meets girl, ambition meets violence, deception meets double-cross. It doesn't take much to seal one's fate in these tales of one wrong move, one too many spouses - one of which has a surprisingly happy ending.

    Episodes include: Safety in Numbers 02-10-47, Comeback 01-07-48, Twelve Portraits of Marcia 01-21-48, Night Final 01-28-48, Undertow 02-04-48, Money Is the Root of All Evil 02-11-48, Quiet Suicide 02-18-48, Boiling Point 03-03-48, Return Engagement 03-10-48, The Human Catalyst 03-17-48, The Dark Room 03-24-48, Bird of Prey 03-31-48, Till Death Do Us Part 04-14-48, Silent City 04-21-48, Chain Reaction 05-12-48, Stranger in the House 06-02-48, Farewell Party 07-21-48, Lady from the Sea 07-28-48, Question of Murder 08-04-48, Impulse 01-23-49.

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