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    The Well of the World's End is a classic Scottish fairy tale on par with favorites such as the Frog Prince and Cinderella. Performed with a lively and dramatic commitment by accomplished narrator Jill Masters, this is the story of a young girl faced with an evil stepmother. After much abuse and exploitation, the stepmother finally sends the girl out on a task which she surely won't be able to complete. However, with the help of a friendly frog, the girl's fortunes quickly reverse themselves.


    The Well of the World's End is a Scottish fairy tale, from the Lowlands, collected by Joseph Jacobs in English Fairy Tales.

    In the story, a girl's mother died, and her father remarried. Her stepmother abused her, made her do all the housework, and finally decided to be rid of her. How the girl, with the help of a magic frog, outwitted the stepmother is the gist of the story.

    Public Domain (P)1987 Jimcin Recordings

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