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    In this passionate book, Newberry explains: How the Obama administration deliberately spreads envy, mediocrity, and a victim mentality among the American people; How Obama's policies violate the fundamental values held by America's founders; Why free markets could soon be a thing of the past; Why capitalism is compatible with the Bible and socialism isn't; How you can help yourself and your country and defeat the War on Success.

    Brash, direct, and unafraid, The War on Success tells you what's at stake: nothing less than the survival of the American Dream.

    ©2010 Tommy Newberry (P)2010 Tommy Newberry


    "This powerful, fast-moving book will inform and infuriate you, opening your eyes to the danger of unrestrained government growth." (Brian Tracy author of The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success)
    "Today, people are starved for a positive perspective about success and the American Dream. The War on Success is not only that message, it is the truth. If you are not inspired to action by Tommy's words, you have already surrendered to the enemies of success. I have not surrendered." (Herman Cain, Host, The New Herman Cain Show)

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