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    Indulge in this star-studded production with 12 amazing voices! The Virgin Scorecard is a collection of novellas performed by your favorite romance narrators including: Jason Clarke and Rose Dioro, J.F. Harding and Katie Schorr, Tim Paige and Emma Wilder, Victoria Mei, Vanessa Edwin, Joe Arden and Erin Mallon, and Andi Arndt and Jakobi Diem....

    This collection begins with Mr. Right Now and Captain Romance - two romances between virgins and athletes that completes the best-selling Rules of Love series. 

    Mr. Right Now

    I’ve got a problem. After a dozen failed dates - but who’s counting - I’m done hunting for Mr. Right. I’m more than ready to cash in my V-card, and at this point I’ll gladly hand it over to Mr. Right Now. When I go out with my friends for a night on the town, I bump into the perfect candidate. A guy from my past who kissed like a dream but took off before we could say goodbye. The swoony, charming pro athlete is back in the city, and he’s as ready to help me with my project as he is to win baseball games. The next morning, I’m deliciously satisfied, and I know I’ve chosen wisely. But when he leaves again, I can’t stop wondering - what if Mr. Right Now is actually Mr. Right? And how do I get him back?

    Captain Romance 

    I don’t have luck on my side when it comes to romance. That’s why I’m laser focused on my career as a sports reporter and making a mark as a woman in this tough field. When one of the city’s baseball stars asks me to spend a night on the town, I have to draw the line. Just friends, I say. He’s good with that. Very good with that. So good that I start falling for my new friend. Of all the swoony, charming, thoughtful men in this big city, why is the one I want thoroughly off-limits? But if I want a chance with the guy they call Captain Romance, I’m going to have to put more than my heart on the line. 

    This collection also includes Kiss Your Tulips, Limo Bang, My Single-Versary, and Three Dates with You.

    ©2021 Lauren Blakely Books (P)2021 Lauren Blakely Books

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