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    The Unseelie Prince is the first novella in the Hawthorn Throne series.

    The Folk have never shied away from taking what they want. Legends speak of faeries stealing people from their beds, swapping infants with changelings, and impregnating women they find beautiful. You should never trust them, though they cannot lie. Eat their food, and you may never see home again.

    Noah Reid has spent his life seeking normalcy after a turbulent childhood with a superstitious mother who refused to answer questions about the father he never knew and instead attempted to impress upon him a real fear of faeries.

    Despite his mother’s best efforts, Noah finds himself ripped from the life he knows and thrust into a palace of nightmares. Here, he must face the persistent attention of the regent and discover the shocking truth his mother took to her grave.

    Fàilte air ais, a Naoise. Welcome home....

    Content warning: Contains dark themes and subject matter that may be considered taboo. 

    ©2018 Kaitlyn Abdou (P)2018 Kaitlyn Abdou

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