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    "One of the best Consciousness books of all time" (BookAuthority)

    2019 Gold Medal winner of the Readers' Favorite Awards and best seller in multiple spirituality and self-help categories, The Unbound Soul is a fresh, highly acclaimed spiritual guide that tells of one man's struggle to free his soul while guiding the listener to their own inner freedom. 

    The Unbound Soul tells the true story of a young boy who, in the midst of a vision, dedicates his life to spiritual awakening. This promise leads him across the globe, gathering ancient knowledge and mastering martial, healing, and meditation arts. 

    Along the way, subsequent visions reveal the rapidly approaching collapse that will shake our societies, our economic system, and the earth's ecology to the very core. Tormented by visions of coming worldwide calamity, Haight presses ever onward in his search and eventually realizes the elusive truth hinted at in his childhood vision. 

    But The Unbound Soul is so much more than a memoir. It is a powerful guide that reveals the profoundly simple yet elusive truth that illuminates your life and provides a set of powerful awareness tools to assist you on your personal path. The Unbound Soul is really about you and your path of spiritual awakening in everyday life.

    PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio. 

    ©2017, 2019 Richard L Haight (P)2019 Richard L Haight


    "For anyone who is seeking to understand themselves and their lives more fully and who wishes to develop as much as they can in this lifetime, this book is a 'page-turner'. There is an enormous amount of wisdom and understanding here that would inspire anyone to embark on their quest. Keeping the book around, once read, and dipping into it regularly would keep you on the path when, as inevitably happens, you sometimes become disheartened. Richard Haight is fully aware of this possibility as, in this lifetime, he has traveled a road of constant seeking, which is perhaps what makes this book so compelling." (Dr. H. A. Jones, Top 500 Reviewer, 

    "Beyond meditation! If you are interested in growing your peace and harmony, buy this book, read it, practice every day and share the path to unconditional love, the bare bones of all religions." (Fred Tomasello Jr., Walking Wounded: Memoir of a Combat Veteran)

    "Add this to your reading list! As a student of spiritual teachings, I highly recommend reading Richard L. Haight's book, The Unbound Soul. Using his personal story as the foundation, Richard takes the reader through a journey that starts with a childhood vision and ends with a spiritual awakening that catapults him from student to teacher, leaving us with powerful lessons and insights for our own spiritual journeys. What's more, Richard doesn't talk at us but with us, as he shares his own trials and tribulations along the way. This is a must read for anyone searching to explore spirituality, purpose, and unbound freedom." (Greg Giesen, Award-winning author of Monday at 3 and Creating Authenticity)

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