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    How to get shredded without exercising, even if you've tried all of the other diets out there.

    When you buy this book, you’ll get the following:

    • What is the carnivore diet?
    • The problem with most diets.
    • Why the solution is the carnivore diet.
    • Who shouldn't try the carnivore diet.
    • Background and science of eating animal-based foods.
    • Myths and misconceptions about the carnivore diet.
    • The countless health benefits.
    • The differences between the carnivore, paleo, and keto.
    • Why no plants?
    • Your first month of carnivore: how to start. 
    • How to handle the side effects of carnivore.
    • Advanced carnivore diet tactics.
    • How to fast on the carnivore diet.
    • Best workouts for the carnivore diet.
    • How to feed your non-carnivore family.
    • Cheat days/meals. 
    • What to do when you mess up.
    • Carnivore recipes.

    Below is a short excerpt:  

    Ever since food became relatively plentiful in human societies, health has become an issue. Plentiful food has led to weight gain for more and more people, and this has been the case especially since the end of the World War II, when processed carbohydrates began filling up grocery store shelves. The medical establishment made things even worse when they demonized animal fats, claiming they caused weight gain and heart attacks. Many doctors and nutritionists alike still buy into this antiquated mythology.  

    As a result, the primary dieting plan put forward was to restrict fat intake and count calories. In other words, the fundamental dieting plan was to starve yourself to death until you reached your goal weight. 

    This type of dieting leaves people feeling irritable and unsatisfied. Eating small portions, empty vegetables, and sugar-spiking carbohydrates leaves you physically unsatiated and psychologically unsatisfied. Even worse, such diets make it hard to stay motivated. Dieters are advised to count calories and keep track of food consumption. For the average person who is already balancing family and work, this is nearly an impossible routine to sustain over a prolonged period of time. 

    That's why nearly all diets fail people. Because they aren't sustainable over the long run.  

    The carnivore diet is the solution.  

    It's a simple program that requires little to no effort. Just set it an forget it.  

    And in no time at all, you'll melt fat and get shredded.  

    The Ultimate Guide to the Carnivore Diet breaks this down into easy to follow steps that will get you results in as little as three days.  

    When you buy this book, you won't be able to stop listening. 

    ©2019 Story Ninjas (P)2019 Story Ninjas

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