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    Are you guilty of one of these 12 financial sins that could be killing your credit score? 

    In The Credit Score Blueprint, you will discover:

    • Ten amazing benefits of having a good credit score
    • The biggest factors that affect your credit score and the ones that don’t really matter
    • The 12 things that will kill your credit score
    • Where you can find your credit score for free
    • Can you fix credit report mistakes on your own? The process is really, really simple if you follow these five steps.
    • Simple strategies everyone can employ to make their credit score better in as little as six months
    • Nine credit score repair mistakes to avoid
    • Ways in which your relationship can jeopardize your credit score
    • Why you should always think twice before cosigning on a loan
    • The main reason why you don’t need the services of a credit score repair company and how to protect yourself from scams
    • Comprehensive guides for handling disasters and tragedies in life without experiencing financial strain
    • And a lot more

    If you believe you’ll be in debt for the rest of your life, you have to keep on listening!  

    It’s possible to start a debt-free, fulfilling life in less than a year. 

    In How to Get Out of Debt, you will discover:

    • The 10 biggest debt myths we still believe today and how these are hurting us
    • How to make calculations simple – doing budgeting and coming up with your debt-to-income ratio like a pro
    • The three top debt payment methods and which one is best suited to your needs
    • Strategies for curbing spending
    • And even better strategies for making more money
    • An iron-clad guide for stopping foreclosures, repossessions, garnishments and aggressive collection efforts
    • The power of bankruptcy and why this option isn’t necessarily bad
    • The secret of staying debt-free for life through lifestyle and habit changes
    • And much more!

    The average American is dealing with 38,000 dollars-worth of debt. That’s a massive sum! What’s even worse, many people have given up on the hope of getting out of debt in this lifetime.

    Are you one of these people? Do you believe that money worries will follow you to the day you die?

    Stop putting yourself down! You have the strength, the knowledge, and the power to improve your financial health and start dreaming again.

    ©2020 Ryan Tiernan Publishing LLC (P)2020 Ryan Tiernan Publishing LLC

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