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The Trial of Joseph Carr

A Case File From "The Redacted Sherlock Holmes"
Sprecher: Steve White
Spieldauer: 55 Min.

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A must for all lovers of serious sleuthing.

In Kafka's The Trial, Josef K (here rendered Joseph Carr) is arrested one morning, although he has not done anything wrong, and is put on trial although no charge is ever disclosed to him.

Here, Holmes conducts his own investigation into the arrest and subsequent legal process.

His solution has uncanny pre-echoes of the early 21st century banking crisis and, in an extraordinary twist, Watson's text even name-checks some of the people that caused it.

In its new guise The Trial emerges truly as a story of Holmes's time, our time and for all time.

©2016 Orlando Pearson (P)2017 MX Publishing


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