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    Pete Perkins is a normal little boy who loves nothing more than making mischief and pulling practical jokes. But when he wakes up one night to find a tiny green alien called Binko crawling out of his belly button, Pete finds himself caught up in a prank that’s gone all wrong - with cosmic consequences!

    Binko lives on the planet Pok, where his parents are Head Keepers at the Galactic Zoo. Unfortunately, while trying to play a trick on them, Binko manages to let loose a whole enclosure of Ickimals. These yucky creatures cause mess and mayhem wherever they go, and Binko has tracked them to Earth!

    If his mum discovers he’s let the Ickimals out, Binko will be in seriously hot water, so he’s got to round them up and get them back to Pok before she notices they’ve gone. Pete eagerly offers to join Binko’s secret mission, and each of their adventures sees them tracking down a different Ickimal. But no matter how hard they try to stay focused on the task in hand, somehow Pete and Binko always seem to find time for some mischievous hijinks along the way!

    ©2011 Hothouse Fiction (P)2012 Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd

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