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    When monsters rule the earth...Herein you’ll find a series of sojourns to places where humans are often quite literally overshadowed by the action at hand. This collection of exciting tales from writers who love the giant monster genre runs the gamut from mutation to invasion - from insurrection to vengeance - from the distant past to a far-off future, all with a single common factor: Great big game-changing things.

    Featuring stories by Essel Pratt, Roma Gray, John T.M. Herres, Raymond Johnson, Mark Henson, and Kevin Candela, a poem by Kent Hill, and graced with a fascinating and insightful commentary by none other than TJ Storm, the man inside Legendary Studios’ Godzilla suit, this anthology is, in daikaiju terms, “a major stomp”.

    ©2019 Roma Gray (P)2020 Roma Gray

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