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The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo & The Lady of Camellias

Three BBC Radio 4 Full Cast Dramatisations
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A BBC Radio collection bringing together much-loved works by Alexandre Dumas and Alexandre Dumas fils, starring Timothy Spall, Anton Lesser, Iain Glen, Ruth Wilson and Dan Stevens.

Alexandre Dumas père and fils are among the most popular and widely read authors in French literature, whose works have been adapted numerous times for stage, screen and radio. This BBC radio collection brings together three of their most famous tales of chivalry, heroism and romance.

The Three Musketeers

In this immortal tale of intrigue and derring-do, dashing young swordsman D’Artagnan and three members of King Louis XIII’s elite royal guard - Athos, Porthos and Aramis - embark on a series of adventures full of duelling, danger, courage and camaraderie.

The Count of Monte Cristo

Marseilles, 1815. Nineteen-year-old seaman Edmond Dantès is engaged to the beautiful Mercédès and about to be promoted to Captain. But his luck runs out when three acquaintances betray him, and he is condemned to fourteen years’ solitary confinement in the Chateau D'If. Escaping the notorious prison, Dantès plots his enemies’ destruction. His revenge will prove devastating…

The Lady of the Camellias

Written by Alexandre Dumas fils, this poignant tale of doomed love tells the story of Marguerite Gautier, a Parisian courtesan who goes on a journey through worldliness, romance, renunciation and atonement, thanks to a passionate affair with young Armand Duval.

The Three Musketeers

Written by Alexandre Dumas

D'Artagnan – Jamie Glover

Athos – Robert Glenister

Porthos – Timothy Spall

Aramis – Anton Lesser

D'Artagnan’s father – James Taylor

Jussac/Des Essarts – David Jarvis

De Treville – Malcolm Ward

King – Nicholas Boulton

Planchet – Dominic Letts

Bonacieux – Norman Bird

Musketeer/Rochefort – Michael Onslow

Narrator – John Rowe

Madame Bonacieux – Helena Breck

Duke of Buckingham – Michael Cochrane

Queen – Teresa Gallagher

Cardinal Richelieu – Julian Glover

Magistrate – John Evitts

Warder/Grimaud – Tom Bevan

Bazin – David Rowan

De Wardes – Kim Wall

Milady de Winter – Imelda Staunton

Lord de Winter – Gareth Armstrong

Felton – Lyndam Gregory

With Rachel Atkins, Nicholas Murchie, Peter Kenny, Frances Jeater and Stuart Organ

Dramatised by James Saunders

Produced and directed by Martin Jenkins

The Count of Monte Cristo

Written by Alexandre Dumas 

Edmond Dantes – Iain Glen

Haydee – Jane Lapotaire

Abbe Faria – Richard Johnson

Monsieur Morrell/Operator – Robert Blythe

Danglars – Toby Jones

Fernand de Morcerf – Zubin Varla

Caderousse – Ben Crowe

Jacopo – Joe Sims

Captain Patin – Patrick Brennan

Albert de Morcerf/Antoine/Andrea Cavalcanti – Will Howard

Claude/Coachman/Bertuccio/Banker – Paul Stonehouse

Max Morrell – Adam Nagaitis

Mathilde– Liza Sadovy

Julie Morrell/Eugenie Danglars – Eleanor Crooks

Younger Haydee – Amber Rose Revah

Gerard de Villefort – Paul Rhys

Mercédès de Morcerf – Josette Simon

Heloise de Villefort – Kate Fleetwood

General Noirtier – Karl Johnson

Hermine Danglars – Stephanie Racine

Valentine de Villefort – Lizzy Watts

Madame Lascelles/Actor – Sarah Thom

Edourd de Villefort – Finn Monteath

Adapted for radio by Sebastian Baczkiewicz

Produced and directed by Jeremy Mortimer and Sasha Yevtushenko

Music by David Tobin and Jeff Meegan

The Lady of the Camellias

Written by Alexandre Dumas fils

Marguerite – Ruth Wilson

Duval – Dan Stevens

Dumas – Joseph Kloska

Marguerite's sister/Prudence/Maid – Manon Edwards

Gravedigger/Ernest/Count – Dick Bradnum

Gaston/Porter – Keiron Self

Duval Senior – Steffan Rhodri

Olympe – Lynne Seymour

Adapted by Frances Byrnes

Produced and directed by Polly Thomas  

©2020 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P)2020 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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