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    Return to the Academy with Melany and her friends in this new season full of magic, mythology, and adventures. 

    After the war against Zeus, nothing is the same anymore for Melany and her crew. 

    Despite all their losses and griefs, they must move on and rebuild a new Academy where Titans, Gods, and Demigods work together to protect the human World because something strange is going on.  

    People on Earth aren’t dying, even those who have been shot or stabbed. 

    Melany is determined to find out who’s messing around with life and death. But first she has to deal with the new, deadly powers swirling inside her.

    She’s more dangerous than ever.

    Can she really control all those powers or will she succumb to them?  

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    ©2020 Amore Publishing (P)2020 Amore Publishing

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