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    Every year, millions of people fall victim to a debilitating disease - a disease that cripples careers, destroys relationships, and undermines the health and happiness of the entire world. This disease is responsible for poverty, crime, war, natural disasters, and our economic ills. It has had no name until now - it's called small thinking. Its hallmarks are a failure of imagination and a disbelief in human possibility.

    In The Think Big Manifesto, Michael Port calls you, and the world, to action by offering a simple solution to a serious syndrome. Think big, commit to quantum change, envision your future, climb your mountains, and incite the revolution our society needs - if it is to survive. But it takes a personal revolution to stop accepting what is and start energetically creating what is possible. You can't wait until later to do big things. It's up to you to achieve your dreams, to head in the right direction, and to keep your focus. If you think you've waited too long, that there's no point anyway, or that it's too late - that's just small thinking.

    But even the most talented and self-confident among us often forget to think big. It's not always easy to do. That's why The Think Big Manifesto is not your average motivational guide. You'll find 10 fundamental principles for thinking big and a personal code of conduct for changing the way you approach the world - today. The time has come.

    Port urges you not to sit back, hesitate, or wait. He awakens your big-thinking self. He stirs the contagious, catalytic power of once dormant big thoughts that are now ready to be released. He asks you to look inward, outward, and upward - to think bigger about who you are and what you offer the world.

    The Think Big Manifesto is about changing every aspect of your life - from the way you work to the way you relate to friends, family, and community. With real examples that inspire and inform - like the high school dropout who built a $100 mill...

    ©2009 Michael Port (P)2009 Gildan Media Corp

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