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The Talking Trees

Atlas and Artesia Series, Book 1
Autor: Alana Bailey
Sprecher: Michael Mish
Spieldauer: 49 Min.

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The Adventures of Atlas and Artesia are a series of books about the lives of a wolf-dog named Atlas and a little red fox named Artesia. When the oldest talking tree in the forest tells them the reason Mother Earth is quaking is because she has become unbalanced, the two adventurers take a journey to the land of Zarah to find the elves that have the secrets of sound.

Farah, the bluebird, shows Artesia and Atlas where to find the hidden doorway to the magical land of Zarah - the rest is up to them. They must have a pure heart and loving intentions to pass into the light and find the key to balancing with sound.

This story teaches children that trees are very important to our environment and music opens the heart to love.

©2016 Alana S. Bailey (P)2016 Alana S. Bailey

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