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    The search for the legendary Sword of Peter...

    Two thousand years ago, when the Romans came to arrest Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, the disciple Peter cut off the ear of an innocent man. Jesus rebuked Peter and quickly healed the servant's ear - and the Sword of Peter took on supernatural powers.

    Fast forward to modern day where a Biblical archaeology quest for the Sword of Peter is imperative to both Israel and to the Christian world. It's also a race against others who would possess and use the Sword of Peter for their own purposes, if they find it first.

    When Peter cut off a soldier's ear with the sword, he was probably trying to cut off his head. A poor aim.

    Martial arts expert Dr. Sam Godfrey is the youngest professor retired from the Zion School for Biblical Studies. Achava previously left the Staff of Moses with him for safekeeping, and on that adventure, he fell in love with her. That path toward a romance seems forbidden because of her spiritual duties and divine destiny.

    A clan called the Sentinels believes that Sam has the sword. When they attack him in his home, he fights them. Using supernatural means, Achava shows up and helps him to defeat the intruders who have almost debilitated him with a mysterious powder.

    Achava needs to take Sam to Israel to save him. They meet up with Saeem, Achava's longtime Arab friend who is dedicated to helping her locate and protect.

    ©2000, 2015 Summer Lee (P)2015 Summer Lee

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