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    An erotic historical romance to heat up your ears....

    Lady Pennington is no demure Regency miss, and she has her eyes set on Mr. Cedman Ashley, once an alpha Master at the Inn of the Red Chrysanthemum, where members engage in taboo forms of debauchery.

    But Master Ashley hung up his flogger years ago, vowing never again to take up his wicked ways...until his hand is forced by the beautiful and clever Lady Pennington.

    All her ladyship wants is one night of wicked decadence with Master Ashley, and she's willing to resort to blackmail to get it. Reluctantly, Master Ashley agrees to provide her what she wants. But he'll do it as a set-down.

    By commanding her submission, he'll make sure that she never again dares to trifle with him.

    Listener advisory: This erotic Regency romance contains explicit scenes, BDSM elements, acts of submission and dominance, and other forms of wicked wantonness.

    ©2016 Em Brown (P)2018 Emily Chang

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