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    Children shouldn't just learn about history, they should live it. In The Story of Civilization, author Phillip Campbell's expert storytelling brings history to life like never before.

    The Story of Civilization presents world history as a thrilling and compelling narrative. In each chapter, children encounter short stories placing them directly in the shoes of historical figures, both famous and ordinary, as they live through legendary battles, philosophical debates, fascinating discoveries and inventions, and the exploration of the world.

    Have you always wanted your children to learn history from a Catholic perspective? Here, you have the trusted resource you’ve always wanted.

    Volume IV: The History of the United States brings the journey to the New World, telling our nation’s thrilling tale. From Columbus’ voyage to the present day, children will meet saints like Juan Diego, Isaac Jogues and Elizabeth Ann Seton, explorers like Lewis & Clark and Neil Armstrong, and a host of US presidents. They'll relive our nation’s most historic events: the signing of the Declaration of Independence, President Lincoln’s assassination, the Civil Rights Movement, the attack on Pearl Harbor, and many more.

    Did you know…

    • Hernando Cortez conquered the vast Aztec Empire with only a few hundred soldiers?
    • North America gave rise to many heroic saints and martyrs?
    • The teddy bear was named for President Teddy Roosevelt?
    • We owe our interstate highway system to President Dwight Eisenhower?
    • Germany tried to get Mexico to invade the US during World War I?
    • A group of airline passengers heroically saved lives during the September 11th attacks?

    Embark on the journey now to learn all this and more! Talented voice actor Kevin Gallagher returns to complete The Story of Civilization, following his immensely popular readings of the series’ first three volumes, and both volumes of TAN Books’ The Story of the Bible.

    ©2019 Phillip Campbell (P)2019 TAN Books

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