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It all started with a castle. Yes, the real kind, found in Missouri. On a bluff. Carved from the side of a cliff. With secret passageways, and locked doors and secret, concealed rooms and lots of false walls and panels and cubbyholes. When Jae visited the well-renowned Rothwell Lodge, known as Sedalia Missouri's Castle on the Hill, she was suspicious from the first. Why did Rothwell have so many secret things about the Castle? Why was his wife Hattie a recluse, who died two years after their marriage? And why, to top it all, are there so many parallels between Rothwell Lodge and the sinister Rothwell Castle in Scotland?

Meanwhile, as Jae is solving one mystery, she is plunged into the middle of another. Teaching school to beautiful, big-eyed Gypsy children seems such a wonderful opportunity. But when she gets there, she comes face to face with one of the most invincible Mafia gangs in the world. When she realizes, sitting in her bedroom at the Mennonite mission, that she is in a den of thieves, she wonders, "God, am I ever going to see my family again?" And what about Nick, the sweet widower with the two little children she met on the train? Would she ever see him again either?

This audiobook is a sequel to The Life I Never Lived, and like it, is also a true story, with the exception of a few details.

Public Domain ©2015 Jessie A. Lee (P)2015 Jessie A. Lee


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